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Thank you for using The APRO site's privacy policy will explain.
It Are based.
THE APRO, which operates the Web site, this policy is as follows, and unless otherwise noted, THE APRO operation will apply to all Web sites.

  • Collect and store information that is

    We THE APRO site you use, the following information will be collected and stored manually or automatically (described by website users)

    • Users of your domain name and Internet server when you visit our webzine rough the address of the web site, visit the temporary
  • E-mail, and collect information via web forms, etc.

    physicians via electronic mail, telephone or electronic format, including online how you can display.Will tell you a few things to keep in mind in the selection of these methods.

    • You webzine listed on the site, other people may be browsed or queried.
    • listed for you based on the relevant laws and regulations, which can be shared with others,
      the enforcement of laws and policies related to the development of materials also can be used.
    • In addition, this information is shared with other departments or, if deemed necessary may also be provided.
      webzine site for security
      breaches of you that might be a problem, but the managerial and technical effort described the damage of sensitive information, please.
  • Web sites operated by security measures
    • Webzine site's security, or continued service to us THE APRO (Monitor), the control of network traffic and
      illegal attempt to change the information in order to detect several program operates.
  • Site links and web pages
    • Moved to another site or Web page THE APRO site to operate multiple Web pages that contain links or click on the banner to go to the institutions operating the site Privacy Policy was posted policy will apply
      please check the policy of the newly visited site.
  • Web site Terms of acquiring other people's personal information
    • THE APRO email address that can be identified, such as obtaining personal information from the site is prohibited.
      ? ?, these individuals view information or other illegal ways those who received
      according to Article 23 of the "Law on the Protection of Personal Information Maintained by Public Agencies" punishable.
  • Notification of infringement of personal information
    • THE APRO Web site use rights of the subject of the possibility of an outflow of personal information, such as information that may infringe
      case of the following, please contact us.
    • Mail, fax, mail, if you lodge a complaint through visits, please download the application form below.

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